Jumping Into New Experiences

I am delighted to be continuing my studies at St. Mary’s University for my sophomore year in college. As an art major, I enjoy courses that require creativity and give me skills that I can apply to my endeavors. I am looking forward to all my classes this semester and am very excited for several projects coming up.

When I registered for Media Production I, I was intrigued about the learning opportunities in this field. Little did I know that this course would not just introduce me to media, but have me explore it on my own while learning how to create and publish content. I am very excited about learning how to interview someone and edit it on an advanced editing program. Also, I am looking forward to interacting with other creators and improving my communication skills.

Because I am a very quiet person, I know that I might encounter challenges throughout the course. However, I am going to expose myself to various experiences that will give me the confidence I need to succeed in this course.  Time management is a must for this course due to the extensive process of media production. I plan to divide my time for each assignment so I can successfully complete them.

My career plans as a makeup artist heavily involve media, so the skills I learn will be beneficial to my career. I am very grateful to be able to attend the university of my choice and for the opportunity to learn from talented, knowledgeable instructors.

Sara Jauregui is a sophomore art education major and visual communication design minor at St. Mary’s University. She is a freelance makeup artist and has worked as a beauty consultant. She is passionate about applying her creativity into anything she does and is inspired by other creators around her. She is invested in constantly learning new techniques and skills in the beauty industry in connection with other creative outlets such as photography and fashion.

Jauregui grew up in a small Mexican city on the border of South Texas and moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 2002 with her family. After graduating from high school, Jauregui was certain about continuing her educational journey in San Antonio as a Gates Millennium scholar. After multiple major changes in the humanities department, Jauregui decided to follow her passion – art.

Last summer, Jauregui was given the opportunity to work at an Italian makeup store, KIKO Milano, new to the U.S. at the only location in Texas. Here she was able to build her skills as a makeup artist and begin her career with a company she hopes to work with after graduation.

Jauregui plans to graduate from St. Mary’s in May 2019 and begin her professional career with large beauty industries around the world as well as attending graduate school in the future.